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Per month, billed annually Or $88 per month, billed monthly

Intuitive booking

Streamlined billing

Smart charting

Base price includes 1 licence

$25 per month per additional practitioner.



Per month, billed annually Or $149 per month, billed monthly

All the features in plan 1, plus…

Case management

Business management and KPI reports

Advanced marketing tools

Base price includes 1 license

$30 per month per additional practitioner


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All the features in plans 1 and 2, plus






Pricing is based on full-time practitioners. A full-time practitioner works minimum 24hrs per week. Part-time practitioners’ prices are reduced by 10.00 per month. All packages will be charged annually by default.

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Patients can easily schedule appointments online, including telehealth sessions. Online Booking
Effortlessly book in-person appointments in real-time. In-Clinic Booking
Ideal for group therapy or family sessions, with the ability to schedule appointments in batches. Group and Series Booking
Connect with patients for efficient, personalized healthcare (Up to 5 participants). Telehealth & Virtual Waiting Room
Streamline collaboration and productivity (Unlimited participants). Enhanced Telehealth with Microsoft Teams + +
Reduce no-shows with email reminders. Email appointment reminders
Reduce no-shows with SMS reminders. SMS appointment reminders
Friendly reminder calls for improved attendance. Telephony app reminders + + +
Prioritize and track waitlisted patients. Waitlist Management
Generate customized daily appointment overviews. Printable daysheets
Real-time staff communication and data sharing. Direct Messaging + +
Manage multiple clinics effortlessly. Multi-clinic view
Enhance the patient experience and streamline check-ins and payments. Client Kiosk
Easily book across multiple clinic locations. Central booking +
Effortless financial transactions and streamlined accounting. Manage billing, auditing, accounts receivable, collections, and end-of-day procedures for precise financial management. Invoicing and Payment Processing
Empower patients to view and settle invoices remotely. Simplify billing and enhance payment collection without clinic visits. Online Billing and Payment
Deliver invoices and statements via email and client portal for transparent billing, boosting efficiency. Invoices and Statement Forwarding
Customizable invoice styles to match your clinic's needs. Multiple Invoice Styles
Track outstanding balances, generate reports, and gain an overview of collections. Invoice Collection Management
Fully integrated with Clover devices for secure, efficient transactions.(Clover Device not included) Clover Device Integration
Track products, sell directly to patients, create catalogues, and generate sales reports. Product Inventory Management
Effortlessly allocate and track financial data in distinct general ledger accounts, maintaining organized accounting. Multiple General Ledger Accounts Management
Designate accounting periods, lock completed periods for accuracy. Accounting Period Posting and Locking
Register purchased and redeemed gift cards for accurate bookkeeping. Gift Card Sales and Management
Access patient info and insurance details, with automatic error checks. Provincial Insurance Integration
Streamline claims submissions, track status, and reduce errors. Third-Party Billing
Sell products or services and bill clients on a recurring basis. Memberships
Easily generate chart notes from our library of templates or start from scratch. Effortless Chart Note Creation
Meet the requirements of various government insurance programs with precision. Government-Compliant Charting
Easily track the status of your notes and ensure nothing is overlooked. Intuitive Chart Note Dashboard
Invitations to fill out forms (intake, follow-up) from the client portal Invitations to fill out forms
Collaborate efficiently by sharing chart notes with the right team members. Seamless Sharing with Staff
Attach any file type to your chart notes for comprehensive documentation. Versatile File Attachments
Customize chart notes to match your practice and patient requirements. Customizable chart notes
Accelerate your charting process with predefined phrases and templates. Time-Saving Quick Phrases
Streamline form creation with customizable quick forms. Efficient Quick Forms +
Create documents, letters, and prescriptions effortlessly, fully compatible with Microsoft Word. Word processor with mail merge
Navigate patient records with search filters and export notes in various formats for easy sharing and archiving. Search, Filter, and Export
Send digital chart notes via fax to third-party recipients. Faxing Capabilities
Effortlessly create, assign, and manage task lists for follow-ups and more. Task Management
Track edits, creations, and deletions with a full audit trail, ensuring data security and accountability. Your patient data is fortified with top-tier encryption. Complete Audit Trail
Exercise plans +
Efficiently categorize and organize patient cases, such as Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workers' Compensation Board, streamlining data management for improved patient Case Type Differentiation:
Case ManagementEssentialEntrepreneurEnterprise
Streamline your patient care with Clinicmaster's wide range of predefined templates, saving time and reducing errors. Case Templates
Effortlessly monitor and treat various injuries from a single screen, ensuring the right treatment for each type. Injury Management
Efficiently manage financial limits set by various funders, whether it's insurance companies, government programs, or others, with Clinicmaster's support Case Funder Limit Tracking
Keep tabs on session and billing limits for each patient's funder. Treatment Session Limit Tracking
Empower healthcare providers to monitor and analyze patient recovery and treatment effectiveness with Clinicmaster. Patient Outcome Tracking
Create personalized care strategies efficiently, tracking therapy sessions, setting goals, and ensuring top-quality care. Treatment Plans
Tailor care protocols to individual patient needs while upholding industry standards, enhancing patient outcomes, and efficiency. Customizable Protocols
Seamlessly gather patient feedback and monitor well-being with Clinicmaster's post-discharge questionnaires, improving care quality. Post-discharge questionnaires
Easily create customized care programs, upload exercises, medications, and receive follow-up reminders. Care programs
Set and track outcome measures like pain levels, motion ranges, and functional capacity with Clinicmaster's easy-to-understand graphs. Outcome measure tracking and graphing
Easily access and monitor patient vitals over time with Clinicmaster's graphical representation of vital signs. Vital sign tracking and graphing
Empower healthcare providers to monitor and analyze patient recovery and treatment effectiveness with Clinicmaster. Patient Outcome Tracking
Effortlessly connect with your audience using our customizable email templates. Promote services, share health information, and keep patients informed with our intuitive tool. Boost patient engagement and nurture stronger relationships. Email marketing campaigns
Enhance marketing with custom SMS messages and track campaign success with open rates and click-through metrics. SMS marketing campaigns
Engage seamlessly with patients and partners through a user-friendly email interface. Full CRM system
Utilize our CRM system to foster relationships with community referrers. Relationship-building tools for referrals
Effortlessly coordinate referrals, track referrals to your practice, and from your practice to others. Referrals
Easily create and manage a VIP referral program to boost patient referrals and reward loyalty. VIP referral program
Efficiently collect and manage customer feedback, using the built-in Net Promoter Score feature for informed decision-making. Customer feedback management with built-in NPS
Effortlessly create and distribute customer surveys to gather valuable insights and continuously improve your healthcare practice. Customer surveys
Seamlessly manage Google Analytics settings and gain insights into visitor behavior and conversion rates. Google Analytics management
Track and manage direct bookings conveniently using the web, desktop app, or client portal. Direct booking management
Create customized links for easy client access to practitioners, services, and disciplines. Creation of quick links
View and organize client testimonials to promote in your marketing communications. Testimonials
Send emails from a central location on behalf of your organization. Central marketing +
Easily generate comprehensive reports, consolidate your clinic's analytics in one place, and transform data into visual charts and graphs. Empower your decision-making and enhance overall clinic management. Clinic Management
Efficiently track and visualize booked hours for each practitioner, ensuring optimal scheduling and resource management. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your clinic's operations. Practitioner Scheduling Capacity
Generate reports providing insights into practitioner attendance and performance. Easily track the number of cases, new clients, assessments, follow-ups, and discharges handled by each practitioner. Practitioner Attendance Analysis
Track hours worked, office hours, absence hours, availability, scheduled appointments, and no-show instances. Optimize scheduling, minimize no-shows, and ensure effective resource allocation. Practitioner Workload
Proactively manage your revenue with detailed reports that forecast future appointment earnings. Analyze trends, compare present revenue with past data, and optimize your clinic's financial performance. Future Appointment Revenue
Effortlessly generate in-depth reports to compare revenue against specific factors such as services, appointment dates, practitioners, patient cases, or funders. Gain valuable insights to enhance efficiency and patient care. Revenue Analysis
Generate detailed reports to review billing at scale before sending invoices. Eliminate errors and receive warnings for discrepancies, ensuring a smoother reimbursement process. Billing Review
Generate daily or monthly reports to ensure the accuracy and balance of financial transactions. Maintain financial clarity and reduce errors. Daily Validation Report
Easily track appointments lacking critical documentation to maintain complete and accurate patient records. Missing Chart Notes
Track chart notes' progress and assess their completeness and compliance with medical guidelines. Chart Note Peer Review
Easily see who has filled out the form and who still needs to complete it. Chart Note Invitation
Dive deep into your data to identify trends, patterns, and specific cases with ease. Case Explorer
Create custom reports to tailor your insights to your unique needs, whether you need to track appointment trends, patient progress, or access detailed information. Client Cases and Appointment Explorer
Track web referrals and monitor where your bookings originate. Web Referrals
Consolidate feedback and assess practitioner and clinic ratings, NPS, and patient testimonials. Practice Rating, Clinic Rating, NPS, and Testimonials
Generate reports to track the progress of your coupons and discounts, helping you maximize your practice's success. Discount Coupon Use
Monitor and manage your referrals with comprehensive reports. Track Referral Count
Seamlessly monitor and manage appointments made directly through specific platforms. Track Direct Booking
Easily view, track the creation of chart notes, and identify who edited, deleted, or signed off on them. Chart Note Tracking
Generate detailed reports tracking user actions, record creation and deletion, and communication logs for emails, SMS, and fax messages. Audit Reports
Clinicmaster offers a secure, centralized platform for storing and accessing patient information, eliminating the risks of misplaced or unauthorized access to physical files. Secure and Centralized System
We employ advanced encryption to safeguard patient data, ensuring only authorized personnel can view and modify records. Robust Data Encryption and Security
With automated data backup and recovery, your patients' information remains protected, even in the face of system failures or natural disasters. Regular Backups and Disaster Recovery
Customize user access controls, granting specific permissions to authorized staff for enhanced patient data security. Unique Security Roles and Permissions
Our commitment to compliance enhances trust and security, with a focus on data encryption, protecting sensitive information, and safeguarding against potential security incidents. SOC 2 and ISO Compliance Workflow
Simplify access with Single Sign-On integration with Microsoft. SSO with Microsoft + + +
Easily track chart note activities, including viewing, downloading, editing, and more. Chart Note Tracking
Our comprehensive audit trails document changes and access to patient records, promoting accountability and identifying any suspicious activity. Clinicmaster keeps you in control. Audit Trails
Customize and print labels with essential product info, barcodes, and scannable codes. Effortlessly track your product's journey from inventory to clients with a user-friendly interface. Streamline product management with ease and precision. Printable/Scannable Product Labels
Simplify procurement by creating and managing purchase orders for supplies, equipment, and medications. Generate orders, specify vendors, quantities, and delivery dates while maintaining a digital transaction record. A smoother, more efficient process. Purchase Orders
Flexible compensation packages including percentage, hourly, and fixed fees. Plus, special provisions for statutory holidays. Practitioner Compensation
Enhance patient-provider relationships with easy gratuity management. Let patients express their gratitude conveniently with our Tip Payment feature. Tip Payment
Efficiently create, assign, and monitor tasks for clinic staff. Streamline workflows, improve staff coordination, and enhance patient care with user-friendly tools. Task Management
Stay informed with proactive alerts on crucial events and actions, from appointment reminders to critical updates. Never miss a beat. Alerts
Empower your team with instant access to educational documents and SOPs. Reduce training time and enhance efficiency, ensuring your team always has valuable resources at their fingertips. Custom Admin Help
Effortlessly configure settings for your central location, automatically replicating to all other clinics. Simplify multi-location management. Central Configuration +
Client PortalEssentialEntrepreneurEnterprise
Patients easily schedule appointments online or book remote (telehealth) sessions with practitioners. Online appointment booking
Conveniently manage invoices and payments online, simplifying billing processes. Online Billing and Payment
Empower patients to securely access their chart notes, fostering better communication and collaboration. Client Access to Chart Notes
Enhance patient understanding by sharing informative content for better health decisions. Share Educational Material
Create, manage, and share care plans within one intuitive EMR system. Shareable Care Plans
Organize client testimonials to promote in your marketing communications. Testimonials Management
Easily manage and track feedback using Clinicmaster's built-in net promoter score (NPS) feature. Make informed decisions for better patient care. Customer Feedback with NPS
Corporate FeaturesEssentialEntrepreneurEnterprise

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