There for those who care

Our Brand Story & Proposition

How We Started

"There For Those Who Care."

This is more than our mantra. It is the purpose behind everything we do and the reason our founder created Clinicmaster. At a time when he was in desperate need of someone who truly cared, our founder witnessed first hand how those who care are held back by their technology that isn’t doing what they need it to do.

Let Us Tell You That Story

When our founder suffered a torn ACL and a gruesome staphylococcus infection, he feared he would never walk again. He was weeks past the rehab timeline and people kept telling him nothing could be done. When it felt like all hope was lost, one physiotherapist decided to take on his severe case.

Even though this physiotherapist could not guarantee success and had never handled a case so severe, he felt he couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. He decided to care.

As our founder went through treatment, it became apparent that the organizational system of his physiotherapist’s business was needed improvement. He was so devoted to his clients, there was no time for him to handle billing, scheduling, charting and more. Our founder saw the same hopelessness in the physiotherapist’s business system that he had felt with his own body, before finding help. As an IT consultant, he saw that he could fix the technology system and make it a lot easier for his physiotherapist to do his job.

So he got to work fixing the system, then just went ahead and wrote a custom software application to help manage scheduling, billing, charting and documentation. Before long, word spread to other clinics about the software and our founder had 8 clients. He was so passionate about being able to help the health and wellness community that he quit his lucrative consulting job to go all in on the software. Clinicmaster was born. Now that you know our story, you understand that Clinicmaster is not just an electronic medical records system. It is Our System of Caring for the business owners, practitioners and admins who are doing life-changing and life-saving work.

Because without someone who is willing to care, our founder may never have walked again. One person decided to sweat the small stuff and ask, “does it have to be this way?” and that is the same question Clinicmaster answers for our clients every day. This is our reason for being. It is the reason we chose to be there for those who care and it will continue to be as we grow. This is the heart behind Clinicmaster.

Our Progression and Growth

  • 2002
  • 2003-2011
  • 2012-2017
  • 2018-2021
  • 2022
  • 2023 And Beyond



Clinicmaster made its initial debut in 2002, entering the market with eight clinics as its first customers.



During the period from 2003 to 2011, Clinicmaster significantly expanded its client base by successfully extending its customer reach beyond Quebec and acquiring clients in every province across Canada.



Between 2012 and 2017, Clinicmaster innovatively developed a hybrid EMR solution, offering both desktop-like functionality and cloud accessibility. This pioneering move aimed to address the early needs for cloud-based applications before they became mainstream, demonstrating Clinicmaster's commitment to staying ahead of the curve in healthcare technology.



Between 2018 and 2021, Clinicmaster took a significant leap in healthcare technology by developing and launching a fully cloud based EMR solution, which replaced their desktop application. Drawing from the lessons learned from their hybrid solution, this cloud-based application offered more features and marked a progressive step in Clinicmaster's commitment to modernizing EMR solutions.



In 2022, Clinicmaster embarked on a transformative journey, migrating existing customers from their desktop solution to their innovative cloud application. Simultaneously, they expanded their reach by selling their application to new verticals and disciplines. Their global expansion efforts led to the acquisition of a diverse customer base in various countries across the globe, solidifying Clinicmaster's presence as a leading provider of cloud based EMR solutions.



Clinicmaster has earned recognition from Microsoft as a leading EMR application in Canada and proudly secured the Microsoft Preferred Partner of the Year award for the most modernized application. Their achievement in winning the Microsoft Preferred Partner of the Year in Canada award in 2023 highlights their dedication to innovation. During this time, Clinicmaster also expanded their client base in the cloud-based domain, demonstrating their commitment to advancing healthcare technology.

Our Team


Max Di Paola


Matthieu Geze


Tony Simiele


Marianna Bilotta

Director of Administration

Adam Di Paola

Director of Marketing

David Di Paola

Director of IT

Dawinder Kaur

Director of Product Experience

Armen Harutyunyan

Director of Development

Ramandeep Kaur

Director of Client Experience

Domenic Di Paola


Our Foundation
Drives Our Culture

Culture and Values – Who we are, What we do and Why it Matters

Our Mission

Empower health and wellness businesses with convenient and secure access to all client and business information so they can deliver exceptional service and grow with ease.

Our Vision

Be the most trusted and intuitive business management system for the lifetime of health and wellness businesses.

Core Values


fresh. creative. resourceful.

Anticipate the needs of the industry, clients, and customers, and proactively implement product/system enhancements that beat the competitor’s features and client’s expectations.


communicative. considerate. enthusiastic.

Encourage myself, clients, and colleagues to work as a team, share ideas and never be afraid to ask for help. Consistently seek ways to help and support the team, the business, and our clients.


honorable. ethical. trustworthy. reliable.

Challenge myself to be aware of all the factors under my control that influence the business, hold myself responsible for my actions and ensure my work is always helpful and for the betterment of the client, the product, and my peers.


vigilant. productive. focused. thoughtful.

Inspire myself and others to always look for ways to improve the system and processes, remedy errors and learn from mistakes.

How We do it


Client & Product Synchronization

Empathy and understanding for the client and industry

Truly understanding our clients, their motivations, their passion, and the reason they are in business. Actively listen, understand, and empathize with their situation, needs and future goals, then create the product around those needs.


Craveable features

Creating features no one else is addressing

Know exactly what our clients need by solving problems before they ever experience them, create desirable features without them having to ask and implement them in an easy-to-use, intuitive way.


Constantly learning... consistently adapting

Future minded but grounded in the present

Stay on the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry by keeping an open mind and being on the lookout for change or inspiration. When needs evolve, we make changes. It’s that simple.


holistic approach

Enhance the whole business, not just one aspect

Focus on the impact to the business as a whole when making even the tiniest improvement, so that every change or upgrade augments the rest of the business.

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In The News

October 1, 2023 Clinicmaster Wins Microsoft's 2023 Modernizing Application Impact Award

Addatech Systems Inc., developers of Clinicmaster, is proud to announce it has won the 2023 Microsoft Canada Modernizing Application Impact Award.


January 3, 2024 A Partnership For A Healthier Future

Clinicmaster partners with Worldline to create an all-in-one clinic solution to handle all aspects of clinic management from payments to online booking.

If you’ve ever walked into a clinic, you know they are busy places. Receptionists are booking appointments, answering phones, calling in patients, and taking payments all at once. And we’ve all seen those rows upon rows of patient charts filed away in the background. No matter how organized things seem, nothing can make up for the efficiencies of cloud-based software.

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