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3motionAI and Clinicmaster Partner to Introduce Virtual Assessment and Performance Analysis, Powered by 3motionAI

April 29, 2024, Toronto, ON – 3motionAI, a leading brand in motion analysis technology, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Clinicmaster, a trusted provider of comprehensive clinic management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the healthcare industry, aiming to enhance operations and elevate patient care through the integration of 3motionAI’s innovative 3DNeuroNet technology into Clinicmaster’s robust clinic management platform.

“We are excited to collaborate with Clinicmaster to revolutionize functional movement assessments,” said Reed Hanoun, CEO of 3motionAI. “By integrating our 3DNeuroNet technology with Clinicmaster’s industry-leading clinic management platform, we are empowering healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care with unparalleled efficiency on a larger scale.”

This partnership aims to transform patient care by providing precise, real-time performance data insights and cutting-edge motion capture technology for functional movement protocols, a tool used to evaluate fundamental movement patterns in individuals. By seamlessly integrating 3motionAI’s advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities into Clinicmaster’s platform, healthcare professionals can efficiently streamline patient assessments, optimize resource utilization, and achieve superior patient outcomes at an accelerated pace.

“Incorporating the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities of 3motionAI into our platform equips us with powerful tools to enhance patient assessments and expedite outcomes. By seamlessly integrating with 3motionAI, healthcare professionals can efficiently streamline patient assessments, optimize resource utilization, and achieve superior patient outcomes at an accelerated pace. The impact on improving practitioner and patient experiences through this integration is what we eagerly anticipate the most.” said Max Di Paola, CEO of Addatech and founder of Clinicmaster.

This collaboration between 3motionAI and Clinicmaster promises to reshape patient care, providing actionable insights and ultimately paving the way for more efficient and effective functional movement assessments. Healthcare providers can anticipate improved operational efficiency, heightened patient satisfaction, and better health outcomes for all.

For a firsthand experience of the future of advanced motion analysis in functional movement assessments, request a demo today to learn how 3motionAI’s 3DNeuroNet technology can support your business.

About 3motionAI:

3motionAI is a leading provider of artificial intelligence-driven analytics of human performance at home, work and play. Our innovative platform leverages advanced analytics technology to provide businesses with actionable insights for optimizing safety, and performance and mitigating workplace injuries. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, 3motionAI is dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare management.

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About Clinicmaster:

Clinicmaster is a trusted provider of clinic management solutions designed to streamline operations and improve patient care delivery. With a comprehensive suite of features, Clinicmaster helps clinics and healthcare facilities optimize workflow efficiency and enhance the overall patient experience.

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