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The Clinicmaster story

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At Clinicmaster, we care for those who care. We understand that practitioners can have a profound impact on their clients’ lives and overall well-being. That’s why we’ve designed a healthcare practice management platform that makes your job easier and more efficient at every turn. Focus on what you do best: providing quality care. We’ll take care of the rest.

It’s been a remarkable journey







  • Our Mission

    Who we are ... what we do

    Empower health and wellness businesses with convenient and secure access to all client and business information so they can deliver exceptional service and grow with ease.

  • Our Values

    Where do we want to go

    Be the most trusted and intuitive business management system for the lifetime of health and wellness businesses.

  • Core Values

    How we behave

    Innovative: Fresh, Creative, Resourceful

    Collaborative: Communicative, Considerate, Enthusiastic

    Accountable: Honorable, Ethical, Trustworthy, Reliable

    Diligence: Vigilant, Productive, Focused, Thoughtful


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