One Complete System

Every large and small clinic owner on the planet needs one. Why not take advantage of this new technology in clinic managing to help you successfully run your business giving you an advantage on all the rest!

We personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The Clinicmaster product and support team will outdo your expectations.

Clinicmaster offers many helpful tools to help market services and further develop your business.
Direct Marketing

The Clinicmaster Automation module is an all-in-one clinic marketing and customer relationship management tool. This tool contains many automated tasks allowing you to communicate with patients, professionals, funders and referrers 24/7!

The built-in referral management capabilities allow you to manage your referrals and keep track of important revenue sources. Create and organize documents, emails and notes for referrers. A great marketing tool that will enable you to always be on top of your referral trends!
Referral Tracking

In addition to the numerous reporting and analysis features already available and accessible through the “Control Centre”, Clinicmaster contains a multitude of summary and detail reports covering every facet of your business.

See your business data in ways you never thought possible or ever had time for!
Clinicmaster automatically tracks a wealth of information to you… All you have to do is ask.

Statistics & Analysis

Clinicmaster comes with security and auditing features allowing you to define Users, User Roles and Passwords. Different types of access rights may be given to every User Role for any screen, report or function within Clinicmaster.
Security & Audit

The “Control Centre” is the core of Clinicmaster. It contains a state-of-the-art scheduler that is the envy of the industry. The scheduler’s efficiency and ease of use makes the conventional way of booking appointments a thing of the past!

A strong relationship with your patients is proven to generate more referrals.
Know your clients better and deepen your relationships with them.

Client Relationship Management

Keep all your data in one centralized system. Clinicmaster has a place to record everything! Clinicmaster’s intelligent design makes it easy to access detailed client data whenever you need it.
Patient File Management

Looking for a way to go Paperless? Clinicmaster will help you achieve that goal With our Medical Notes module we allow you to customize your own Electronic SOAP notes!
Electronic Charting (EMR)

SmartDocs is Clinicmaster’s automated form filling feature. Save loads of time and have all your standard forms automatically pre-filled by Clinicmaster. Forms may include: Worker’s Compensation, MVA, SAAQ, Prescription, SOAP Note type forms and various other miscellaneous forms.
Forms & More

With Clinicmaster’s built-in word processor you can create letters, labels, SOAP notes, reminders, emails, promotional material or any other type of document. Build your own templates and have Clinicmaster merge referrer, patient, appointment, treatment and financial related information directly into these documents.
Document Management

Clinicmaster incorporates management features and PR tools helping you develop your business.
Business Development

With Clinicmaster you can use our Accounting and Production Management screens to retrieve all the Financial information you need.

Clinicmaster helps calculating from one professional to the next it’s as simple as it can be! Each rate within your system can calculate individual therapist’s compensation by any percentage and/or flat Fee.

Email marketing is the most effective retention marketing strategy in the current digital market. It′s the easiest way to get your message in front of a large number of current and potential customers – especially when the hard work is done for you.
Email Marketing

Let’s you keep your practice at full capacity Clinicmaster’s Text Messaging add-on is an easy and cost efficient method of sending reminders to customers.
Text Messaging

Host. Design. Print. Impress. A fully hosted, completely managed service for creating and maintaining your website, clinic branding and print material.
Website & Design

Backup everyone, everywhere Protect your workforce at the office and on the road with ADDA Tech Backups for Business.

Strengthen. Motivate. Energize. Customisable protocols. Print pictures and drawings. Increase website traffic. Email prescriptions. Add your own exercises, all this and more through Clinicmaster’s seamless interface with Physiotec.
Online Exercise Software

Clinicmaster’s Web Appointments is a complete online appointment booking system.
Clinicmaster’s Web Appointments module allows your clients to book appointments online – through your clinic website!

Web Appointments

Experience a simpler way of balancing your cash
Daily transactions will be simplified with Clinicmasters cash drawer and payment processing module. Let Clinicmaster process your payment transactions directly from within the sofware. Seamless integration that saves time and money!

Cash Register

Clinicmaster’s telephone automation module will go beyond appointment reminders
Alert your patients with automatic phone calls for upcoming appointments, session cancelations and more!


Drastically reduce costs of office expenses for faxing and increase professionalism with clear and legible digital documentation right from your keyboard. No more walking to the fax or using a phone line. Clinicmaster leverages your internet connection to send your letters and documents directly with the click of a mouse.
Fax Integration

Keep track of your member’s attendance with the Clinicmaster Gym Membership module
Manage and sell gym memberships within Clinicmaster. Create a new revenue source. Use your knowledge and facilities to maximize revenue potential while providing a well appreciated service.

Gym Membership

Specifically designed to serve your customers
Have your clients fill their intake form, request receipts, update demographics, view appointment history, update the e-marketing preferences – right from your website! Clinicmaster’s client portal will increase client appreciation and alleviate your staff from unproductive tasks!

Client Web Portal