You have probably done some research and discovered that there are a ton of interesting technologies and solutions designed specifically to help you run your healthcare clinic. There are so many, in fact, it is actually overwhelming.

No worries. Clinicmaster has simplified it for you. We have teamed up with carefully selected companies that boost Clinicmaster capabilities, enhance your marketing impact and streamline your money management – and in many cases, bring you great savings.

What’s more, because we have such a proactive team of programmers and developers, we have even created a seamless integration with all the worker’s compensation and motor vehicle agencies in the different provinces, regions and territories across Canada.

Electronic Charting / Exercises / Outcome / Documentation


We know that the home exercise programs you assign to your patients are key to achieving desired outcomes. With that in mind, we have built a seamless integration with Physiotec, a comprehensive, ever-growing online database of rehabilitation exercise videos created by and for physical therapists and other healthcare professionals.

  • Choose from a vast library of exercise content, including illustrations, images, and videos on more than 15 specialties (orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, aqua therapy, speech, Pilates, amputee rehabilitation, pelvic floor, conditioning and more).
  • Customize exercise programs that your clients can view on their smartphone, tablet or computer through their client login page to make sure they are doing them right.
  • Monitor client progress in real-time (exercises completed, etc.) with the updates that Clinicmaster automatically adds to your client’s chart as a PDF file.
  • Enhance the patient experience: Physiotec is integrated within the Clinicmaster client login page, providing your patients with ONE point of access to ALL things related to their experience with your clinic.


FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) is a resource that provides you with predictable patient outcomes of treatment programs based on statistics gathered from millions of cases.

  • Fill out the FOTO questionnaire to create a treatment plan based on average outcomes for the injury and health profile of your client
  • Motivate your clients to complete the prescribed treatment plans: show evidence-based predictions of their success if they stick with it. This will have a positive impact on your clinic’s capacity and your client’s outcome. It’s a win-win.
  • Trust Clinicmaster to automatically build client profiles, update progress in FOTO and insert the information into the client’s chart (PDF format). It is all done automatically through the Clinicmaster automation module.
  • Measure your therapists’ effectiveness against national averages

Payment Processing

    Chase Paymentech – In-Clinic Credit Card Processing

Clinicmaster and Chase Paymentech, one of the top credit card processing companies in North America, have joined forces to create an exclusive offer for Clinicmaster subscribers: Chase Paymentech will “meet or beat” the rates that any other company charges for credit card services. Amazing!

  • Save money with preferential rates through this exclusive offer. (The money you save could even exceed your Clinicmaster subscription!).
  • Enjoy a smooth workflow and save precious time at the front desk: Clinicmaster is integrated with several Chase Paymentech terminals so they “speak” to each other.
  • Get the peace of mind of secure and PCI-compliant processing.

Chase Paymentech – Online Hosted
Check Out

Clinicmaster and Chase Paymentech have integrated to provide clinics with a state-of-the-art online credit card processing solution. Now clients can pay their bill through your website, and your reception staff and practitioners can process online payments using any web-enabled device.

  • Save money with preferential rates through our exclusive partner offer.
  • Offer clients the convenience of paying their bills directly through your website.
  • Allow clinic staff and practitioners to process online payments from any web-enabled device through the Professional Portal and the Clinicmaster web solution.
  • Get the peace of mind of secure and PCI-compliant processing.
  • Use any device (desktop, mobile, hand-held terminal).

    TELUS eClaims

TELUS eClaims is a Canada-wide, web-based system that allows you to submit claims to insurance companies electronically on behalf of your clients. They only pay their deductible when settling their bill. With its seamless integration, Clinicmaster bills the insurance company directly and the insurance company pays you.

  • Enhance your client experience by offering them a service that reduces their out-of-pocket and eliminates the hassle of filling out insurance claims and waiting for their reimbursement to arrive.
  • Reduce client cash flow constraints by billing the insurance company directly.
  • Reduce your credit card fees by having patients pay only their deductible.
  • Validate your clients’ eligibility by requesting a “pre-determination of coverage” prior to billing.
  • Submit claims faster while reducing margins of error.
  • Create a reputation for your clinic as being “easy to do business with”.



“E-claims has been received exceptionally well with all our Panther clinics. Fast, efficient, slick – processes and bills with one click. Most important e-claims keeps you within the Clinicmaster program removing the additional steps and time of logging in to a separate system. A great feature!”

Panther Sports Medicine

“The time required to submit a claim is a fraction of what it was through the portal; it has literally gone from an average of 2 – 3 minutes (or more, if entering information for a new client) to less than 30 seconds!. I would highly recommend to any clinics who are not using this integration product to give it serious consideration; the cost is very minimal to begin with and when the time and effort saved is factored in, there is virtually no reason not to make the switch.”

Marnie Brand, Office Manager – Pro Sport Rehab & Fitness

     Pacific Blue Cross

If you are already registered for Insta-Claim with Pacific Blue Cross, Clinicmaster’s seamless integration lets you submit claims online in as little as 30 seconds.

  • Be easier “to do business with”; bill insurer directly.
  • Enter patient and claim information only once.
  • Enjoy real-time responses showing what is covered and what your patients need to pay.
  • View electronic statements and reverse claims.
  • Save on credit card fees with Insta-Claim direct deposit payments.
  • Advertise your business to 1.5 million Pacific Blue Cross members.


Worker’s compensation & motor vehicle integrations

Every province and territory processes vehicle and workplace injuries differently. It’s complicated and managing it all can be a big pain in the neck. That’s why Clinicmaster developed the following exclusive integrations.

Clinicmaster is the only health care practice management platform with integrations to deal with all of the following vehicle and workplace injury departments:

  • Coming soon

    WSIB (Ontario worker’s compensation claims)

    WCB (Alberta worker’s compensation claims)

    WCB Sask (Saskatchewan worker’s compensation claims)

    ClinicAid (Ontario and Alberta)

Clinicmaster is fully integrated with ClinicAid, a one-stop online payment gateway that communicates directly with the different government offices you deal with when billing provincial healthcare funders in Ontario (OHIP) and Alberta (AHS).

  • Streamline your practice management and billing operations.
  • Simply open an account in ClinicAid and Clinicmaster will “speak” to ClinicAid to bill the appropriate authority.
  • See Patients. Get Paid. It’s that simple.



Clinicmaster comes with an industry-leading e-blast builder that is built right into the software. That being said, we know that many clients prefer to use products such as MailChimp to create their e-blast marketing campaigns. And that’s okay: Clinicmaster is perfectly synched with MailChimp, so you can send highly targeted newsletters, promotions and other email campaigns without all the exporting and reimporting. Because simple is good.

  • Drag and drop specific fields from the Clinicmaster library to create highly targeted client lists for the ultimate in personalized communications (gender, the injury sustained, the practitioner’s name, the length of treatment, time of year, special interests, etc.).
  • Create emails that read as though they were written to individual clients based on specific information you have about them (age, injury type, etc.).
  • Send your campaigns through your free or paid MailChimp account.
  • Gain insights into the effectiveness of your e-blasts with open rates and click counts.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your clients key questions so you can determine what they love about your services and areas where you can improve? What about sending them a targeted survey? Clinicmaster’s SurveyMonkey integration can help you do just that.

  • Use Clinicmaster to create highly targeted client lists based on specific information you have about them (age, injury type, etc.).
  • Build your surveys in SurveyMonkey, asking all the right questions.
  • Send your targeted Clinicmaster list to Survey Monkey and send your survey through Survey Monkey.
  • Capture the powerful insights and information that will help you tailor your services to your clients’ needs, based on their survey input.


Did you know a gift card program is key to helping your clinic thrive? Clinicmaster has partnered with Ackroo to offer clinics an integrated gift card processing solution. Ackroo Anywhere is a superior all-in-one product that is easy to use from installation to management. Ackroo provides an in-store and on-line automated solution to:

  • Process gift card transactions at the point of sale
  • Provide merchants with important administrative and marketing data
  • Allow customers to access and manage their gift card accounts

On top of Ackroo’s user friendly application, they also provide additional products including: mobile application, e-gift, custom branded cards and key tags, custom cardholder portal, and much more! And with Ackroo Anywhere, you are able to completely customize your program to your clinic. It’s a win-win for all!


Looking for new ways to create stronger client loyalty? Try eTrove, a mobile referral and rewards platform that you can tailor to your healthcare business. Clinicmaster has established an exclusive integration with eTrove that provides a seamless capture of loyalty events (referrals, new bookings, etc.) so patients can earn loyalty points with virtually no effort.

  • Create a custom rewards program to thank clients for their loyalty and referrals.
  • No more cards, stamps or tokens – everything happens on your clients’ smartphone.
  • Offer a customized selection of gifts that your clients will want to claim.
  • Encourage clients to share their reviews of your services on social media to earn points while generating referrals to your practice.
  • Configure Clinicmaster to create clients in eTrove. Clinicmaster will advise them of their eTrove loyalty account.
  • Configure Clinicmaster to capture in-clinic events that generate loyalty points (referring a friend, booking appointments online, purchasing gift certificates, arriving on time, providing advance notice of cancellations, completing their intake forms online, doing their home exercises, etc.).
  • Clients access the eTrove application on any mobile device. eTrove will navigate your clients to your Clinicmaster Client Portal for ease of
    payment and online booking.
  • Access valuable analytics to track referrals and evaluate
    your ROI.

External Online Calendars

    Google Calendar

google-calendarWe understand that many practitioners use Google Calendar to manage their schedules and that some Clinicmaster subscribers have not started using the full functionality of their professional portal. At Clinicmaster, we thought of that. Clinicmaster will integrate your appointment schedule and to-do’s into your Google Calendar – and help keep your busy day organized.

  • Create a separate calendar for everything related to your practice.
  • Trust Clinicmaster to keep your data and client information private and You control what appears on your Google Calendar to protect your patient’s privacy.

Partner Discounts


Clinicmaster is more than a clinic-management platform. We are a team that is truly dedicated to the success of your healthcare practice. Our commitment to you extends well beyond the point of you becoming a Clinicmaster client and we are always looking for ways to give you added value – like the exclusive deals we have negotiated with the following major corporations on your behalf:

  •     TELUS Mobility

    We have worked with TELUS Mobility to create an exclusive telecommunications package for our Clinicmaster subscribers, employees and their family members.


    Chase Paymentech

We have negotiated preferential rates for Clinicmaster clients. Often the credit card processing savings are enough to pay for your Clinicmaster subscription.

  •     Scotia Bank. Get preferred rates on an exceptional banking package designed specifically for Clinicmaster subscribers. Includes line of credit, banking services and more.



Create the ultimate physiotherapy website that really stands out from your competition thanks to access to over 1300 PT-Approved patient education articles, automatic posting to your social media, surveys, newsletters and more. We have worked closely with PatientSites to obtain special pricing or features for Clinicmaster clients.


    H.E.R.O.’S Business Solutions

H.E.R.O.’s is an acronym: Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities. Their goal is to create foundations and strategies in which everyone succeeds optimizing the balance between the HEALTH of business and the BUSINESS of health. Entrepreneurial Success is a balance between Humanity, Outcome base medicine and logistics. In the Business of Health emphasis on administration (finances), operations (systems), marketing (connections) and leadership (strategies) provides a foundation for long term success.

With 30 years experience helping health providers throughout North America and abroad, optimizing the 4 business pillars for practitioners and clinics, so that they can help more clients/patients improve their health is our primary goal and passion.

Key Facts

  • 10 times more integrations and partners than our closest competitor.
  • Consulted over 300 of our clients to prioritize our next integrations.

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